CONNECT GROUPS facilitate our congregational life and help cultivate our relationships at First Presbyterian Church. Each of our CONNECT GROUPS is designed with spiritual growth in mind, so you can expect prayer, study, and fellowship. We have many ways to CONNECT, so find your group today!


Couples Bible Study (hosted by Mike Hughes & Margie Dutcher)
Meets monthly on Friday nights from 6-9pm in homes
Contact Mike @
Sunday Morning Bible Study (hosted by Judy Ernest)
Open to anybody who wants to dig into the Word of God!
Meets every Sunday morning at 9:30am in the 2nd floor Conference Room
Contact Judy @
***starting back up soon***

Men’s Thursday Night Bible Study (hosted by Tom Vorpahl)

Meets weekly on Thursdays at 5:00pm at the church
Contact Tom @
***starting back in the Fall***
Men’s Breakfast Group (hosted by Ralph Garrison)
Meets weekly on Tuesdays at 7:27am @ Salt & Pepper Café in downtown Bradenton
Contact Ralph @
***starting back up soon***
Women’s Friday Bible Study (hosted by Sandy Garrison)
Meets weekly on Fridays at 9:00am at the church
***starting back up soon***


ZOOM Breakfast & Bible Study (hosted by Dwayne Smith)
Open to everyone of all ages
Meets weekly on ZOOM, Saturday mornings at 10:00am to find all the information to join
PW Circle Meeting (hosted by FP Presbyterian Women)
Bible Study, open to all women
Meets monthly on Tuesdays at 7:27am
Contact Caroline @
Sewing & Serving
Open to anybody who enjoys sewing, fellowship, and serving our community!
Meets weekly on Thursdays from 9:00-11:30am @ the church
Contact Barbara @ or Nancy @
Women’s Thursday Bible Study (hosted by Emily Buskirk)
Meets weekly on Thursdays at 10:00am at the church
Contact Emily @
***starting back in the Fall***