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Cultivating Hearts for Jesus From the Heart of Downtown

All glory is due to God alone because the gift of salvation and the faith in that salvation is created in the heart of the believer by God through the work of the Holy Spirit

Jesus uniquely gives us the ability to be transformed deep in our souls, so we can be empowered to live a Christ-like life, changing and growing in deep, meaningful ways without simply reducing spiritual transformation to a checklist or a ‘behavior modification’ approach. As Christians, we never arrive at a finished or completed state of transformation, and we are reminded throughout Scripture that spiritual transformation is an ongoing process that requires our participation and willingness. If we desire to truly become the hands and feet of Christ, our closeness with the Lord needs to continue to deepen; we cannot simply compartmentalize God into certain areas of our lives, but we need to give Him the whole of ourselves.

– Rev. Dino Rustin ‘Lead Pastor’

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