The Session, congregation and staff extend to you our hope that you will find a spirit of friendship, concern, compassion, and commitment among us. Not only do we welcome you to the membership, we welcome you to the fellowship. With your help we shall continue to move forward in the service of our Lord Jesus Christ. If there is some way we can be of service to you, please call on us.

As you join our membership we covet your faithfulness to Jesus Christ, participation in His mission and ministry, support of the program of the church, prayers for the leadership and our ministry, and the promotion of peace and unity of the church. It is our hope that you will be faithful in your attendance at worship and at the celebration of the Lord’s Supper. Further, we hope you will avail yourself of the opportunity for study, fellowship, and service, and to give generously of your material possessions for the building up of God’s Kingdom.

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We each have been given special gifts by God to share with others.  This church has been blessed with an abundance of talent and sharing love.  The opportunities to serve God in our own special way continue to grow.


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