Our Latest Sermon Series

First Presbyterian Church

We are going to kick off the year looking at the Church that Jesus built. Interestingly enough, the churches we have built for ourselves throughout history look nothing like the Church that Jesus was striving to build. So, what have we done right? And, where have we gone wrong? This study will examine the Biblical foundations of Christ’s Church and push us to examine our own church’s heart as we move forward.


This week, we kick off the series looking at the institution of the Church by Jesus to Peter, driven by the Messiah’s true nature.


This week, we will look at the Truth distinctives of the Christian faith, which is guided by the authority of the Scriptures.


This week, we will look at the need for God’s Truth to be preached and taught, and to be at the core of everything a church does.


This week, we will look at the reality that believing and teaching the Truth are not quite enough, because application is the true marker of Christ’s people!